Stone Carving

6. Stone chisels

Detail such as paws and face are cut using sharp stone chisels and smaller mallets and hammers.

7. Files and rifflers

Files and rifflers are used to create smooth lines and work areas where carving is restricted.

8. Diamond pads

The stone is then polished with six different grades of diamond pads and papers. They are used together with water, which keeps the dust down and creates a compound.

9. Linseed oil and wax

During carving and the polishing process, approximately twenty coats of linseed oil are applied. Finally the sculpture is allowed to dry out for a few days before polishing the surface with a layer of wax.

Tools: Tiranti Ltd, Theale, Berks tel 01189 302775
Stone: Michael Owen, Yelvertoft, Northants tel 01788 822281